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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve greatness through our exceptional resources and support, fostering self-reliance and high performance in an ever-changing world.

General services provided to diverse industries: 

  • We provide comprehensive training programs (In-person, 100% online, Hybrid) to educate employees at various levels (White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, etc.) on Lean Six Sigma principles, tools, and methodologies.

  • We also facilitate certification exams to validate competency.

Leadership Development:

  • Leadership development is a transformative process that empowers individuals to enhance their leadership abilities. It focuses on key skills such as strategic thinking, effective communication, and inspiring teams.

  • Through self-awareness and emotional intelligence, leaders navigate challenges and drive organizational success. Leadership development cultivates confident and impactful leaders who inspire others and make a positive impact.​

Business Improvement Projects:

  • Guiding organizations in identifying and executing process improvement initiatives.

  • We apply Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to analyze data, identify root causes, and implement sustainable solutions that drive efficiency and quality.

Improvement Deployment Strategy:

  • We assist in developing a deployment strategy tailored to your organization's goals and objectives.

  • We help establish project selection criteria, define roles and responsibilities, and create a roadmap for successful implementation.

Change Management:

  • Implementing Lean Six Sigma often requires a cultural shift within an organization.

  • We provide change management support, including communication plans, stakeholder engagement strategies, and training on managing and dealing with resistance to change.

Business Leadership Coaching and Mentoring:

  • Coaching and mentoring services provided to Lean Six Sigma practitioners and project teams.

  • We provide guidance and expertise, ensuring projects stay on track and deliver measurable, sustainable results.

Performance Measurement and Metrics:

  • Cannsult, Inc. helps organizations define key performance indicators (KPIs) and establish metrics to track progress and measure the impact of Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

  • We assist in designing dashboards, VPM, and reporting systems for ongoing performance monitoring.

Business Assessments:

  • We conduct assessments to evaluate an organization's current state, identifying improvement opportunities and areas for Lean Six Sigma implementation.

  • Providing realistic and actionable recommendations and plans to drive sustainable change.

Improvement Workshops and Workouts:

  • Our very experienced and world-class Master Black belt contractors facilitate interactive workshops and workouts, engaging employees in problem-solving exercises, value stream mapping, waste identification, and process optimization sessions.

  • Kaizen & RIE for life! 

Continuous Improvement Culture Development:

  • We assist organizations in developing a culture of continuous improvement by promoting Lean Six Sigma principles, providing ongoing support, and fostering employee engagement and ownership of improvement initiatives.

Improvement Software and Tools:

  • We offer access to Lean Six Sigma software and tools to facilitate data analysis, process mapping, statistical analysis, and project management.

Overall, Cannsult provides a comprehensive suite of services to support organizations in their Improvement journey, enabling them to achieve operational excellence, drive efficiency, and deliver value to our customers.

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