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Our Sustainability Policy 


We partner with businesses to create high-performing workplaces full of self-reliant achievers by providing world-class, easily accessible training, certifications and consulting.

Our passion...
People... Highly-engaged, self-reliant, top performers
Process.. Predictably high-performing, scalable, agile ways of working
Performance... Ability to achieve ambitious goals.


Example: This policy relates to how the products, services and operations within our company and across our supply chain will be continually reviewed and improved, so that we can integrate environmental and social considerations into our everyday practices and make a positive contribution to society.


We acknowledge that our company has potential impacts on people and the environment through our operations and partners. Through this policy we:

  • Commit to comply with applicable law in all our operations and that of our partners.

  • Commit to protect human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labor practices. We’ll ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in our own or other country.

  • Commit to minimize our impact on our environment and maximize the effective use of resources, and the elimination of waste as we do so.

  • Commit to foster responsible environmental behavior amongst staff at all levels.

  • Commit to minimize risks and impacts through processes and systems to implement, measure and monitor environmental and social performance.

  • Commit to increase communication and awareness of our efforts.



We will:

  • comply with legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act 2018 and Bribery Act 2010.

  • provide a safe and healthy workplace and environment.

  • support diversity and inclusion.

  • supporting the surrounding community by looking to employ local people where possible.

  • create useful opportunities for development of skilled local workers.

  • engage early and meaningfully with stakeholders, including indigenous organizations, communities, industry, and government.

  • avoid harming the lives of local people.

  • support local businesses to ensure they are prepared for and provided with opportunities to participate.

  • encourage our employees to volunteer via programs organised internally or externally.

  • support local charities by donating time e.g. staff participation in volunteering days.

  • look to provide sponsorship or monetary donations to local charities, sports clubs, societies, youth groups, community centers, or other.

  • promote long-term economic benefits within communities.



We will:

  • comply with all laws governing the environment.

  • strive to better understand both the direct and indirect impact that our practices may have on the environment.

  • minimize or offset our impact on the environment.

  • work towards the conservation of energy, water, and resources in all our operations.

  • dispose of waste thoughtfully, and follow the waste hierarchy of ‘Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.

  • lessen our environmental impact by purchasing environmentally friendly products and services.

  • take steps to continually improve environmental performance.

  • protect and support biodiversity.

  • conduct audits, evaluations, and self-assessments of the implementation of this policy.

  • work with our entire operation to gain mutual benefits of incorporating environmentally sustainable goals into everyday business.

  • be an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community.

  • promote environmental awareness throughout all operations of the company.

  • foster a sustainably aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood.

  • strive to raise awareness in the community, encourage participation and train employees in environmental and social matters.



We will:

  • consider and support sustainability initiatives with a strong business case.

  • integrate sustainability into our existing business models, accounting, and reporting.

  • add value to our products and services to support sustainability markets.

  • reduce operating costs through improved resource management eg, water, waste, energy, carbon, employee engagement. 

  • manage risk of operational disruptions e.g. resource scarcity, climate change impact, or community risks.

  • reduce reputation risks and communicate actions.


Authorized by:  Clare DiFrisco

Title:                   Founder/President

Date:                   01/01/2018

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