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Your Leaders and Project managers will thank you!!

Your Leaders and Project Managers will thank you!

Lean Six Sigma training programs usually recognize the importance of the #sponsor role. That said, we discovered a #huge gap in training and certification for this critical role.

The vast majority of training for sponsors includes a high-level overview of Lean Six Sigma – similar to a White Belt level!

While informative, this in no way provides enough substance to equip the Leader and Sponsor to understand:

* What to expect in each phase of a project

* What challenges the team will face

* How to interpret the data that the team presents

* How to accurately weigh in on the key decisions

* How to determine when the team should continue analyzing or move forward

* How to ensure that the improvements are sustainable

** And most importantly, how to keep the teams engaged and productive

Come learn with us, 100% online, supported by online coaching, if needed.. Includes:

* Narrated videos by certified Master Black Belts

* Workbook in PDF format for reference and extended learning

* Case studies and examples

* Templates

* How to Guides

ALL ACCREDITED BY THE The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) GLOBALLY