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Top 3 Pro Tips for Having a Productive Meeting That Will Leave the Team Energized

Updated: May 18

We’ve all been there...

10am Monday team meeting, you’re the first one there, and to pass the time awkwardly stare at your weekly meeting agenda that’s the same copy-pasted meeting template as every other week. People slowly start to file in, some are on a work call, some are on their computers still. The person who called the meeting starts talking, and finding that they’re getting no feedback from the participants, they keep talking for the entirety of the meeting. Or if there is discussion, it tends to go in repetitive circles. You’re still wondering why you’re in the meeting. And after an hour you utter that infamous phrase,

“well this could’ve been an email”.

Meetings should create energy and momentum - they should not suck the life out of you!

Here’s some great info that will prevent you from being the one hosting the horrible meeting!

When you request a meeting, you’re saying that your meeting is important enough to warrant other people’s time – more important than anything else they might need to do at that time. Consider this...every time someone says YES to your meeting, they’re saying NO to something else! So let’s do it. Let’s fix meetings once and for all with a few simple changes!

Pro Tip #1: ONLY 5 Reasons to Meet - Have at least ONE!

Sure, there are a million different meetings, but there are really only 5 good reasons to meet.

  1. Give Info