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The Leadership Cycle; An Essential Tool for Project Managers and Leaders

All organizations are faced with consistent pressure to overcome challenges and to continually improve. Regardless of your type of organization or industry, critical decisions are being made throughout the year. Leaders in any level of an organization have a responsibility to continue to operate the business while facing continuing changes and challenges. This is Continuous Improvement. In order to continue to be successful amidst these changes and challenges, there are a handful of basics that all leaders must handle. The question is, how much time and resources will we spend trying to keep up with these changes and challenges? And how successful will we be?

These decisions include some form of budgeting, planning, setting targets or goals, figuring out where you'll have trouble meeting goals, and then assigning resources to work on specific improvements. Your organization either has a rigorous method in place to handle these decisions and milestones or they don't. But, decisions are being made.

While some leaders and organizations do this really well, the majority (sorry to say) do it really badly

Without a structure in place, the atmosphere will be chaotic, random, emotional, hyperactive and demoralizing. Decisions are made today and are forgotten tomorrow. Direction changes, efforts to improve conflict or collide, resources are pulled in and out of issues and the same problems show their face month after month and year after year. While some people may feel like heroes, the majority of leaders and employees feel overwhelmed and drained. But, that’s not all...they often result in anemic, if any, Return On Investment. So people are working really hard in a stressful environment and getting very little in return.