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All About 5s; Creating a Self-organizing, Clean, and Safe Workplace

Updated: May 18

5S is an improvement method that, if implemented correctly, can result in a clean, uncluttered, safe, and well organized workplace that ultimately has reduced waste and optimized productivity. Familiarity breeds blindness, and most organizations have become so accustomed to workplace disorganization that they don’t even see it anymore. They’ve accepted the status quo! And even worse, many people get used to the fact that clutter hides inefficiencies in their processes.

A company that hasn’t implemented 5s will often have clutter everywhere (both digital and physical) and will have a million inaccessible files, dirty floors, workspaces, kitchen, keyboards, equipment, etc. They will often hear phrases like…

What many people forget though is that 5s is about much more than just cleanliness. Some other warning signs of a disorganized workplace are leadership with scattered approaches to problem solving, sloppy procedures and employees allowed to do things their own way, and cleaning only when the manager comes.

5s is typically the first lean method that organizations implement ei