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Clare Says!; 5 Steps to Stop Valued Employees from Quitting [With Case Study]

Updated: Jul 15

We’ve all heard the idea that employees don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses. And while there’s a lot of truth to that, it’s important to understand why. The current situation is that way too many good people are leaving their jobs. According to Microsoft Work Trend Index, around 40% of employees want to leave their jobs this year and US studies show that 25% are planning to quit over the next few months.

What makes this even worse is that, many times, employees bond in their misery and they resign in groups. This leaves the already struggling company with even greater challenges.

How do we know that the company is already struggling?

Because, their employees are leaving, which means that they are either not engaged, not utilizing their skills, or both. And that means that the company has not created a culture of highly engaged, highly productive employees. And in a nutshell, this is the precise role of leadership in any organization.

What does it mean to be highly engaged and highly productive? You can see them from a mile away! Consistently confident, competent, accomplished, achieving goals, self-assured, self-reliant, inspired and they inspire others. They are enthusiastic, ready and able to do what needs to be done. These employees are in no hurry to leave. They see the future and they’re in it.

In an organization with low employee morale and retention, too many employees have low or unpredictable performance, they are often confused, make mistakes and have to do a lot of re-work. Their processes create many inefficiencies, and they often feel discouraged and frustrated. These employees fantasize every day about leaving for a better life. And while this is sometimes an individual issue or a mis-hire, that’s not the norm. What’s very common is for whole work groups, departments, regions, or organizations to be in the same boat.

This is a real problem. Great, valued employees who are disengaged, leave. And to make things even worse, the mediocre, unproductive employees stay. We’ve seen this in multiple organizations and when we are called in to help, it’s a critical point for any organization.

CASE STUDY - And the 5 Steps to Stop Valued Employees From Quitting

One of our customers had recently acquired a company who had a team of seasoned experts in a highly des