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Change Leader

The Purple Belt plays an extremely important role in any improvement effort as the Change Leader. Purple Belts learn how to develop others through change and how to understand and benefit from all types of diversities in teams.


The Purple Belt, will have the skills to work with teams from a human perspective to ensure that improvements are real and sustainable. A purple belt will support multiple improvement teams, Sponsors and the entire organization in any significant change efforts.

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The world of work is changing. People are valued not just for the time they spend, but for the skills they bring to the table. They are playing different roles in initiating and implementing strategies to improve - not only bottom-line performance - but also improving work processes from a human perspective. 


They facilitate rather than direct and they deliver soft benefits (usually the hardest to achieve!) such as:


Employee competence, confidence, engagement

Skillful and meaningful collaboration

Less tension in the organization

People perceive the organization as receptive to new ideas

People feel more empowered to solve problems

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