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The Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt

Black Belts are technically oriented individuals who come from a wide range of roles and areas of expertise in diverse industries.

Black Belts are skilled at the advanced problem-solving and improvement tools, techniques and analytics that are needed for technical, high-risk or complex issues. 

Typically a full-time role, Black Belts lead projects, support Green Belts and they play a critical role in supporting leadership and the entire organization.


You will recognize a Black Belt by the tangible and intangible value they bring to any organization.

They are...

Justifiably Confident

Consistently Competent





A full time Black Belt will typically complete 5 to 7 projects per year.

Average project benefit of 

US$150,000 to $250,000

The Path to Black Belt

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Prerequisite: Green Belt Certificate or pass Green Belt Certification Exam

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