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Lean Six Sigma for modern-day organizations

It is time for Lean Six Sigma to change!


To reach the max potential of our employees, to create real value for our customers and to create a workplace that our employees truly enjoy, we have evolved… beyond the copy/pasted slides, the old manufacturing examples and the stale and mis-matched templates from 30+ years ago.

Cannsult's Unique "Everything you need toolKit"

As a learner on Cannsult’s e-learning platform, participants will have access to… 


Instructional Videos


Ready-to-use Templates

One-Point Lessons


A solid kit…everything you need at your fingertips to become a Continuous Improvement Practitioner who can deliver results!

Certifications that mean competence

We are on a mission to  develop competence in others to solve meaningful problems and drive real change. 


Cannsult’s certifications require one-on-one coaching and skills demonstration. A Cannsult certification results in competent, project-ready, high- performing Project Leaders

A note From Riaan and Clare,

the two who started this thing.

Riaan du Plooy & Clare DiFrisco

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With Cannsult, holistic success is within your reach! 

People...Highly-engaged, self-reliant, top performers

Process..Predictably high-performing, scalable, agile ways of working

Performance...Ability to achieve ambitious Goals