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Your most trusted Business Improvement Partner and "Hands-on" Resource Provider!  

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Who We Are

Cannsult is a boutique-style organization creating high-performing, self-reliant achievers by providing world-class, easily accessible content and guidance.

Why Choose Us?

Our proficiency lies in skillfully guiding you to conquer demanding objectives, while simultaneously fostering a vibrant workplace where employees are deeply engaged, capable, and self-assured. By joining forces, we can unlock your organization's complete potential and propel it towards long-lasting prosperity.


Our delighted customers

We work with everyone! No such thing as too big or too small, everyone needs our help!

Be a part of our crew

Join the movement that's leading process improvement into the 21st century.


What We Do


From clothing to beverages to fragrances to commercial textiles, Cannsult has guided manufacturing organizations to significant improvements.


Our banking consultants work alongside all types of banks. From technology to strategy, our bank consultants are trusted in the banking industry.


Cannsult Government Consulting offers consulting, evaluation, education, training, and other services to small & large government contractors.


As one of the top IT consulting firms, Cannsult delivers custom-tailored IT consulting services for organizations of any size.


Strengthening healthcare professionals with problem-solving and process design skills is the key to an organization’s ability to integrate transformative technologies.


Let our team of skilled and highly effective professionals, trainers and educators assist with your academic, professional development, and editorial needs.


What does a "good job" look like? A "good job" - or quality - is always in the eyes of the customer. It is that characteristic of your product or service which the customer most wants. This is why your customers know more about your quality than you do. Customers are not just buying your product or service. They're buying your promise that their expectations will be met. And you haven't really got anything else of value to sell them BUT your assurances. We really haven't got anything else to offer BUT quality.

Clare DiFrisco

President & Founder

Let’s Work Together

We serve as your committed collaborators, propelling your team towards swift and enduring outcomes while cultivating a culture of ongoing enhancement.

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